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Dulife Plus Medical Air Mattress for Anti Bedsore

One of the best Medical Air Mattress for Anti Bedsore, recommanded by doctors for the greater comfort and enhanced circulation .

Original price was: 3,400.00৳ .Current price is: 3,200.00৳ .

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Introducing the revolutionary ‘Dulife Plus Medical Air Mattress for Anti Bedsore‘ from OxyLife BD, a beacon of innovation in healthcare and comfort. This medical-grade air mattress is meticulously designed for individuals seeking relief and prevention from bedsores, offering a blend of therapeutic benefits and unparalleled comfort.

Key Features of Dulife Plus Medical Air Mattress:

Advanced Bedsore Prevention: With its state-of-the-art design, the Dulife Plus mattress provides continuous air flow and pressure variation, crucial in the prevention and treatment of bedsores. It’s an essential tool for patient care, designed to promote skin health and enhance comfort.

Customizable Comfort:

Featuring adjustable settings, this mattress allows for personalized pressure levels to match the user’s weight and preferred comfort, ensuring optimal support and efficacy in bedsore prevention.

Durable Medical-Grade Material:

Constructed with high-quality, medical-grade PVC, the Dulife Plus mattress is not only durable but also easy to clean and maintain, making it ideal for both home and healthcare settings.

User-Friendly Design:

Equipped with intuitive controls and a premium quality pump, this mattress is designed for ease of use. Its low noise operation ensures a peaceful environment for the user, enhancing the healing process.

Seamless Integration:

With adjustable hangers, the Dulife Plus mattress is designed to fit most bed types, ensuring a secure and stable setup for users. This versatility makes it an excellent choice for various care settings.

Why OxyLife BD is Your Ultimate Choice:

OxyLife BD stands out as the premier destination for innovative health solutions in Bangladesh, and the ‘Dulife Plus Medical Air Mattress for Anti Bedsore’ is a prime example of our commitment to excellence.

Unrivaled Quality and Innovation:

We pride ourselves on offering products that embody quality and technological advancement, ensuring you receive the best care solutions available.

Focused on Your Needs:

Our approach is customer-centric, focusing on understanding and meeting the unique needs of each individual. Our team is dedicated to providing personalized support and guidance.

Leading in Healthcare Solutions:

OxyLife BD is at the forefront of introducing cutting-edge healthcare products. Our selection of medical air mattresses, especially the Dulife Plus, is unmatched in its ability to prevent and treat bedsores.

Value and Accessibility:

We believe in making high-quality healthcare solutions accessible to everyone. Our competitive pricing ensures that you get exceptional value without compromising on quality or effectiveness. We offer the lowest Dulife Plus Medical Air Mattress Price in Bangladesh.

Embrace a new standard of care and comfort with the ‘Dulife Plus Medical Air Mattress for Anti Bedsore‘ from OxyLife BD. Designed with your health in mind, it offers a proactive approach to bedsore prevention and treatment, ensuring you or your loved ones receive the best care possible. Trust OxyLife BD for solutions that not only promise but deliver health and comfort.

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