40 Liter Medical Oxygen Cylinder

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China Oxygen Cylinder

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China Oxygen


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Linde Oxygen Cylinder

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Oxygen Flow Meter

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Portable Oxygen Can

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Rama Oxygen Cylinder

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Traveling Oxygen Cylinder

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Vigor Portable Oxygen Can with Mask 8L & 12L

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Best Portable Medical Oxygen Cylinder Price in BD - Oxylifebd

If your patient is in a critical stage or cannot get enough oxygen on his own, he is prescribed to give an artificial oxygen supply. In such a situation, the first question that arises in your mind is what is the medical oxygen cylinder price in BD?

Don’t worry! At Oxylifebd, we offer the best portable medical oxygen cylinder prices in Bangladesh. We are with you to ease the stress you are going through because of your patient and anything else. 

Stay tuned to get some useful information about medical oxygen cylinders. Also, learn how you can get the right oxygen cylinder and the best price!

Best Oxygen Cylinder In Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, several companies are offering several types of portable medical oxygen cylinders. But which products are best among them?

Here some companies are very popular, and they offer quality products. The most popular portable medical oxygen cylinder brands include Linde, Islam, Spectra Oxygen, Essence, etc.

You will also find many affordable Chinese brands. They are not bad anyway, price or quality. Check the quality before choosing them.

Standard Portable Oxygen Cylinder Size for Home Use

Portable oxygen cylinders are available in various sizes and they differ by a negligible margin from one to another.

However, all of the companies mentioned above produce a standard-sized portable medical oxygen cylinder. The standard size is 1.36 m3 and the weighs from 13 to 16 kg.  Its height is 3 feet and the flowmeter will show a reading of 2000 litres.

If your patient consumes a liter or less per minute, it can be used for 1500 minutes or more nonstop!

You can choose a bigger or smaller cylinder based on the following factors:

  • Patient’s requirement as per doctor’s prescription
  • Your location
  • Possibility of movement
  • Your budget etc.

Prices of Portable Medical Oxygen Cylinders in Bangladesh

Here are the usual prices of medical oxygen cylinders (with full setup) of different brands:

Sl. Brand Name Country Size Price (BDT) Warranty
1 Linde Germany, Philippine 16 kg, 2000 PSI 18000-22500 Lifetime
2 Islam India, China, and Thailand 13 – 14 kg, 2000 PSI 8500-11000 1 Year
3 Spectra India, China, and South Korea Standard 17500-20000 3 Years
4 Rama India Standard 10500-11000 3 Years
5 Chinese China Standard 8000-9000 1 Year

What to Consider for Selecting The Right Oxygen Cylinder?

These are the key things to consider if you want to get the right medical oxygen cylinder for your patient:

  • Choose the amount or size as your doctor has advised.
  • Check the drug license number of the oxygen manufacturer. Because oxygen for industrial use does not have this license number.
  • If you are in an emergency, choose a small oxygen cylinder. So you can carry it easily and avoid extra cost. Then, if you need more oxygen later, you can buy more with a calm head.

How to Use Oxygen Cylinder Properly?

To help your patient get a proper oxygen supply, you have to know the proper use of a medical oxygen cylinder. If you make a crucial or big mistake, your patient’s condition can be worse.

Watch the following video on how to use an oxygen cylinder at home correctly.

Precautions to Take While Using An Oxygen Cylinder

Though an oxygen cylinder can save a life, it can be a reason to endanger your life if you don’t be careful enough. Check the following precautions:

  • Oxygen is a flammable gas. So, it should be kept away from fire, heat, and flames. Also, don’t forget to avoid smoking near an oxygen cylinder.
  • Avoid using perfumes, aerosols, or other oil-based products while using an oxygen cylinder.

How to Get The Best Oxygen Cylinder Price in BD?

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